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Tim “Rocky” Jones was born in Oroville, Ca in Sept. 1973. He was raised in town and also in a little community called Cherokee, which is on the outskirts of Oroville. As a young boy, he took a liking to nature which to this day influences his music. At the age of 6 he picked up his first musical instrument and found that he had a talent. He and the guitar become one, (his best friend, if you will). At 13 he moved to the bay area and played in many bands while attending high school and college. His main focus was heavy metal and hard rock. While in the bay area he taught guitar to many students and not having lessons himself, he found it easy to teach. He put music aside for a few years to help build his custom home on their 20 acres in the sierra foothills, and when he moved in, he picked it up again, learning more classical, jazz and blues. This would help to give him the sound that he has today. Today , he continues to provide music to all who will listen, and to aspiring musicians everywhere.
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